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Once again, Avant-Garde M. Intl. is van guarding another social mandate. I would like to share with you the best kept secret of Israel. The secret is The Children's Educational Home (“Hamifal” in Hebrew). I felt privileged to be given the opportunity to collaborate with the Public Relations and Fundraising Department at Hamifal 12 years ago. One may be tempted to think of the children who come to Hamifal as the “unlucky ones.” But a more appropriate and truly descriptive word would be the “challengers.” G-d has endowed them with great strength to challenge the adversities and to survive against all odds. While it is true that the children of Hamifal come from dysfunctional and/or broken families, it is also true that they are indeed lucky to be embraced, nourished, and cherished by the Children’s Educational Homes. Hamifal is the rock upon which these children can feel safe and be brought up to become contributing members of their communities and the Israeli society at large.

Hamifal was founded in 1943 by the late Recha Fraier (the Founder of “Youth Aliyah”) and has since demonstrated total dedication to the cause of children whose survival depends on Hamifal. From the Board of Directors, to managers, to the upper and lower echelon staff, without exception, they all love the children and care for their well being and education with enthusiasm and compassion.

As we approach Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year), I thought this to be the perfect time to share the story of the Children’s Educational Home. It was a long time ago, in the time of Abraham with the "Binding of Isaac” (“Akedat Yitzchak” in Hebrew) that, I believe, G-d pronounced the “Universal Children’s Protection Act.” This was a binding covenant. Perhaps it should have been part of the 10 Commandments (or “A’sert Hadibrot” in Hebrew meaning “the minutes,” or “the official memorandum between G-d and the House of Israel”.) G-d simply declared that no child can be harmed even for the sake, or in the name, of the Almighty.

How You May Get Involved:

There are many ways that each and every one of us can become part of this amazing institution and or contribute in one form or another. You may either be inspired by your own vision or choose one of the listed suggestions on Hamifal’s website.

For detailed information and complete background story visit Hamifal’s website at www.hamifal.org.il

By becoming a big brother or sister, sponsoring a Bar-Mitzvah or Bat-Mitzvah, or simply making generous donations to support the many educational and supplemental programs which address the needs of the children, many of whom have survived through tragedies, neglect, abuse or violence, you can change one LIFE or as many as you wish.

Please take a few minutes to visit Hamifal’s website at


to see how you may help the children.

For our share, www.guitybarlev.com will allocate a percentage of sales from Aviva Haezrachy's handsome Rosh-Hashanah Plate & the other Judaica Collection to Hamifal. When ordering, please refer to code # 5765.

We thank you for your patronage and invite you to remember Hamifal’s children as you prepare for the High Holy Days. May the upcoming Jewish New Year be a year of good health and fulfillment of all your dreams!

I wish all the "House of Israel" a blessed year!

Chag Sameach Ve Khatimah Tovah

Guity Bar-Lev