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Ohada Hay Gordon, born in Tel Aviv, studied jewelry design at the School of Art in Tel Aviv - Jaffa. Ohada (O') did her apprenticeship with the artist Jytte Klove in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Design and production of jewelry became a major part of Ohada's life for the past twenty years after serving in the Israeli army. She realized her attraction to the numerous artistic possibilities that lay in designing jewelry and claims her work is actually sculpting on a small scale with enormous possibilities". O' sees the potential to change shape and space by joining different materials and creating new combinations. Omanit Art School equipped her with many skills including new and innovative techniques in working with gold, silver and precious stones. In the beginning of her artistic career, Ohada primarily used gold. The combination of silver and gold with precious and semiprecious stones resulted from her first exhibition at Maskit.

Ohada's designs serve as an inspiration to many other Israeli designers. She has achieved a unique and recognizable position in the field of jewelry design and goldsmithing. Her reputation over the last twenty years has been built on quality, creativity, usage of fine materials, excellent finishing and timely delivery.

Ohada developed her own style, while being inspired by aesthetics, environment, architecture, nature and of the obvious aspects of her work is the motion and contrast between her inclination for simplicity and the innate O' has to design ornamental jewelry that is both rich and warm.

Ohada's technique blends casting, handicraft, overlaying and incorporating silver and 18K gold with her finest precious and semiprecious stones. Silver serves as an excellent energy conductor. Her commitment to quality is totally natural. O's description of her own work speaks for itself: "Before I make each piece, I sketch each sample, from the front andfrom the back. The back has to be designed completely, otherwise I do not proceed in making the piece. I pay attention to the finishing of each piece".

Ohada's Collection is showcased at the following locations:

Moondance jewelry gallery: 1530 Montana Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90403. Tel.: 310-395-5516

Jacqueline Jarrot Jewelry and Accessories:: Beverly Center: 8500 Beverly Blvd. Suite 701. Los Angeles, CA 90048. Tel.: 310-659-2094

Jacqueline Jarrot Jewelry and Accessories:: Fashion Square. 14006 Riverside Dr. Suite 260. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.Tel.: 818-501-2056

Alef Bet Judaica: 14103-D Winchester Blvd. Los Gatos, CA 95030. Tel.: 408-370-1818

Adler Jeweler: 235 Fillmore St. Suite 101. Denver, CO 80206