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Working with gold, silver and precious stones, jewelry designer Danya Stolar derives her inspiration from landscapes. Remaining faithful to her materials, she creates a range of highly unusual and imaginative shapes. She creates an artistic and unusual collection of richly varied and picturesque jewelry, and also an exciting series of mezuzot in silver. Danya also produces jewelry to order for clients who appreciate her style. Her work is exhibited in galleries and museums in Israel and abroad.

Designed for the International Family Year in Israel, these engaging pins are as delightfully primitive as a child's self portrait. Hand cast in sterling silver from Danya Stolar's own drawings, each is accented with 24kt goldplate.
[#23459] Little Red Riding Hood. 1½" tall $59
[#23458] Let's Go Fly a Balloon. 1¼ tall $59

How to Order: Toll-Free by Phone: 1-800-422-2770